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Bancroft is having an election (a real one)!


bancroft-ontario-crestThat’s right folks we are having an election now as I have been informed that two new candidates are throwing their hats into the ring. Barry McGibbon has already filed in Dungannon Ward and another will file this morning in Bancroft from my understanding. This has taken us from an acclamation to an election.

What does this mean for us? We have been given a democratic right to make a choice … before it was just status quo. Now we have an opportunity for change (that is if you want change). The Town of Bancroft has had its challenges to say the least for a few years now and maybe just maybe having new blood will bring new perspectives, new skill sets to the table which I feel that would be beneficial to our community.

Like the rest of you, I will need to listen and hear what all candidates have to say. I do not know them (although have met a couple of them briefly at town functions) except for one incumbent with whom I had the pleasure of working alongside with regards to our public transit system the TROUT.

For a list of the present candidates click here

We have been handed a real opportunity here and I hope that all members of the community will take the time to first get the information you need to make an informed decision and secondly VOTE.

The deadline to file is Friday and who knows maybe we will get another surprise candidate.

Urban Girl xoxo

2 thoughts on “Bancroft is having an election (a real one)!

  1. It will be great to see all of the people interested in making Bancroft an even better place to: live, raise a family, go to school, run a business, shop, vacation and visit. Looking forward to seeing all the signs posted when I am back in town next. Good Luck to those who are running!!

  2. Letter to Editor – September 2014 re HH Madawaska Road Tender Buffoonery


    Fasten your seatbelts folks and pull out your wallets….Mayor Vivian Bloom’s spending is out of control! First, in the recent Council Meeting of July 2, a motion was made by our Deputy Mayor Gregg Roberts, and seconded by Bangor, Wicklow & McClure’s Frank Hickey, with the approval of Mayor Bloom, to accept the tender of Levesque Construction for the Madawaska Road reconstruction.

    Aren’t governments supposed to accept the lower tender?….like always? The Levesque quote came in at $423,000 higher than the only other bid, of $2,367,000, quoted by Walsh Contracting of Barry’s Bay. Hastings Highlands simply approved a bid about 15% greater than the lower bid!

    And all this after the professional engineering firm, Greer Galloway Engineering Group, contracted by HH to design the project; to review and evaluate submitted tenders; then finally to recommend the preferred contractor’s bid. After completing this rigorous process, the engineers (our paid experts) recommended the lower Walsh Contracting bid, however, HH mayor Vivian Bloom and the Council she leads, apparently feel they know better and then chose not to follow the advice they paid for, all resulting in awarding the $423,000 higher priced contract to Levesque.

    The higher priced bidder, Levesque Construction, requested and was granted the opportunity to address and influence Council during this crucial decision stage, immediately prior to the vote, apparently questioning the compaction ability of the low price bidder. This is contrary to the mayor’s normal policy and practice of prohibiting input and questions of Council in session, from anyone not previously scheduled as a delegation, until the end of any Council meeting and after all votes have been taken. Levesque Construction apparently conducts their own compaction tests whereas Walsh Contracting employs an independent, third party, professional compaction testing company. So which tests are more prone to bias and why would Levesque question and suggest that Walsh Contracting compaction was inadequate? Especially when everyone knows there are prerequisite performance bonds required that ensure that if any such deficiencies occur, they are repaired and compensated without putting the municipality at any additional financial risk.

    Unfortunately for HH ratepayers, you can’t do that in the municipal realm without potential repercussions…….Now Hastings Highlands undoubtedly will find themselves in a lawsuit, coming from Walsh Contracting, for the lost profit had their quote been accepted. Damages in this lawsuit would likely be awarded in the 10% – 20% of the quoted contract range, or $236,000 – $463,000, and there should be no doubt as to their entitlement for this reimbursement as they should have been given the Madawaska Road contract in the first place.

    Researching court cases shows that Ontario Courts despise the action of municipal governments when they arbitrarily accept higher bids so Hastings Highlands is likely in serious trouble on this one.

    Now add in the municipality’s probable legal costs should they go to court, which reasonably will be in the 10% range as well, for another possible $236,000 … the court will surely award payment of Walsh Contracting’s legal costs, which would cost HH another $236,000 (all costs estimated).

    This lack of leadership, indiscretion and violation of basic fundamental rules of order and how to conduct municipal business leading to an anticipated Ontario Supreme Court decision of ‘negotiating in bad faith’ would, in that likely event, then cost Hastings Highlands lots. Let’s add this up?

    The $423,000 overpayment for accepting the higher bid; plus $463,000 for lost profit as damages to Walsh Contracting; plus $236,000 for HH legal fees; plus another $236,000 to reimburse Walsh Contracting for his legal fees. The potential worst case loss amount is just too big to imagine but I bet it exceeds ONE MILLION DOLLARS !!!

    Or, HH Council could immediately capitulate, admit their grievous error, and agree to an ‘out of court’ settlement, as happens in about 98% of these cases, for some lesser amount, all while binding all parties to confidentiality, especially with an election so close.

    IMO, HH cannot afford this type of financial boondoggling for another term and this ONE MILLION DOLLAR WASTE will have to be paid by you and me – the taxpayer. Please remember this when you vote in a few weeks !!!


    Dave Wilson
    Kamaniskeg Lake / Ward 1

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