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Will drivers notice?


Bancroft cross walkAs I was walking the pup this morning I noticed that they were painting the cross walk by the Post Office. I for one was very happy to see this as I am a walker.

This cross walk has always been a challenge for me as drivers are not all the cautious in this area. I have jumped out-of-the-way, ran and once or twice I have almost been clipped. It makes me think of the older adults that also cross there to get their mail.

We all kind of joke about taking our lives into our hands but should we be?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not lumping everyone into one basket. There are quite a few that stop, wave, give a smile and a couple even ask if you want a ride if you are carrying groceries.

So my question to you all, do you think this will help drivers notice?


2 thoughts on “Will drivers notice?

  1. I agree that maybe a little more is needed there especially. I had an interesting comment that made me think on our fan page is that since the light was gone they assumed it wasn’t a cross walk anymore. It makes you ponder how many people think the same thing.

  2. Will drivers notice??? That is a good question and I wonder that very same thing whenever I cross at a crosswalk in Bancroft. I personally think, it will help to have the bright white lines freshly painted and perhaps they all should be repainted periodically.

    Just like you, I have started to cross and had to jump back as some people just don’t think about it. I think that a lot of drivers who live in town are pretty good about these crossings; not all, but most. Also, as a small Four Season Attraction town, we get a lot of people on a regular basis that are from cities and are not used to having crosswalks around and don’t even think about them. I worried a lot when my kids were younger about these spots, and taught them never to just trust that cars would stop. Hopefully my youngest, still remembers my fears of those places and waits or makes sure he gets eye contact with a driver and they see him.

    If there was something more than the white lines to help drivers be aware, I’d be happier to keep our small town safer. So, will the drivers notice?? I think the painting helps and will help some drivers see them better, but not sure if that is enough! Glad you brought this up. I don’t want to see something horrible happen to realize that the newly painted lines didm”t make the driver notice!!! Perhaps, bright lines and a flashing light with a sign???

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