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Is the Bancroft election a bit offside?


After speaking with my father, who is running for Reeve in Carlow Mayo we of course talk about the upcoming elections on a regular basis. I find it interesting and I of course learn a great deal about municipal politics from him as I am new to it. He sent me the Official list of candidates for Carlow Mayo and I in turn went to see my ward which is Bancroft….there isn’t one.

You see under the Municipal Elections Acts Examination of nominations 35.1 the first Monday at 4pm following nomination day, the Town Clerk should have certified that all candidates met all the requirements. So far there is no Official list of candidates….what does that mean. Good question and I do not know.

It is now Wednesday so my next question is, why?


4 thoughts on “Is the Bancroft election a bit offside?

  1. Okay, when I first read this post- I thought that maybe I was missing something or there was an issue with the town website – but there appears to be a few differences between what is expected by the people living in the Town of Bancroft and what is taking place in the Town of Bancroft. This is a very close community and the nearby communities can be easily compared.

    We are in the information age and people want to know what’s happening when it’s happening especially when it is so “close to home”. There was an unofficial list on the town of Bancroft website and it appeared to be kept up to date which is great. But no official list posted until the middle of this week. Nominations closed on Friday September 12 (remember all the news about Doug Ford in Toronto – ) no different – bigger community and on top of the news feeds – BUT… lots of people are paying attention to what is important to them in the Town of Bancroft.

    The form EL07 is an official municipal government document from what I can see. The nearby communities like Faraday Township and Hastings Highlands have all displayed similar official lists that are certified and dated. Should the town of Bancroft not have the same document format? The few things I see are that it isn’t in the same format as the other municipalities and there is no date on the official document. Which to me doesn’t make it all that “official”

    Bancroft will always be my “home town” and I think it is so important that we have the right people in the right place and the right time to ensure that Bancroft is putting the right foot forward (so to speak) …. Compare for yourself. (to me it just looks a bit incomplete.)

    Town of Bancroft Link:
    Faraday Township Link:
    Hastings Highlands Link:

  2. Unofficial list is all that I see too. Perhaps the list has not changed but they have not updated the list title.

  3. Hmm…was just there again Chris and all I see is the unofficial list. If you would provide the link I think that would be appreciated by everyone.

  4. The list is actually at the bottom of the Town’s homepage and has been there all along!

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