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Faces Living North of 7: The Family Buisness

“The business has been owned by my family for 72 years and I have been back here for 23 years.”

“Why did you leave?”

“I went away to school and play hockey.”

“Why did you come back?”

“The short reason, I moved back for the quality of life.”

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Will drivers notice?

Bancroft cross walkAs I was walking the pup this morning I noticed that they were painting the cross walk by the Post Office. I for one was very happy to see this as I am a walker.

This cross walk has always been a challenge for me as drivers are not all the cautious in this area. I have jumped out-of-the-way, ran and once or twice I have almost been clipped. It makes me think of the older adults that also cross there to get their mail.

We all kind of joke about taking our lives into our hands but should we be?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not lumping everyone into one basket. There are quite a few that stop, wave, give a smile and a couple even ask if you want a ride if you are carrying groceries.

So my question to you all, do you think this will help drivers notice?



Bancroft is having an election (a real one)!

bancroft-ontario-crestThat’s right folks we are having an election now as I have been informed that two new candidates are throwing their hats into the ring. Barry McGibbon has already filed in Dungannon Ward and another will file this morning in Bancroft from my understanding. This has taken us from an acclamation to an election.

What does this mean for us? We have been given a democratic right to make a choice … before it was just status quo. Now we have an opportunity for change (that is if you want change). The Town of Bancroft has had its challenges to say the least for a few years now and maybe just maybe having new blood will bring new perspectives, new skill sets to the table which I feel that would be beneficial to our community.

Like the rest of you, I will need to listen and hear what all candidates have to say. I do not know them (although have met a couple of them briefly at town functions) except for one incumbent with whom I had the pleasure of working alongside with regards to our public transit system the TROUT.

For a list of the present candidates click here

We have been handed a real opportunity here and I hope that all members of the community will take the time to first get the information you need to make an informed decision and secondly VOTE.

The deadline to file is Friday and who knows maybe we will get another surprise candidate.

Urban Girl xoxo

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Faces North of 7: All in a days work

Bancroft Town Employee“I have been a town employee for past ten years full-time. I started out as casual labour and now the Manager of Public works and I certainly love every challenge every day.”

“How many challenges do you get in a day?”

Laughing as he says “it depends on the day. Some days I start my day at 8 in the morning to start that days work and I start that days work at 4 in the afternoon as something is always cropping up and it poses challenges and we are trying to promote development in Bancroft and there are lots of hurdles to cross there.”

“I was born and raised here and I want to retire here and I want to see this community the best it can be.”

Urban girl: Why I live here in photos


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What happens when you mix a Chamber, a Legion and toss in an Ambush?

You get one heck of a good time that was had by all who attended. I was a little taken back that there wasn’t as many as I expected but that didn’t deter any of us from having a phenomenal night.

Ambush has been delivering a brand of high-octane country music (their words)  since 1993. The trio of Mark McDonell, Riq Turner, and Tom VanCoughnett put on a high energy show for those there and had us all on the dance floor most of the night at the Bancroft Legion. Check out their video and see what you missed.



Mike Daly from the Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce was an absolutely amazing host and I just wanted to give the Chamber a thank-you for booking this band.

Urban Girl AmbushA final shout out to Steve their roadie who went out of his way to get my now new favorite hat.

Urban Girl xoxo


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Urban Girl goes Organic : Elemental Earth’s Spiced Honey Facial Cleanser

Elementa Earth's Spiced Honey  Facial CleanserNever one to shy away from trying something new, I jumped at the chance after being approached by Laura McRae the owner of Elemental Earth to test one of her products – the honey spiced facial cleanser.

I fell a wee bit in love as soon as the aroma hit me…who doesn’t love the smell of the three main ingredients! It was to the point I wanted to actually take a spoonful but I held back. Doing a little research I didn’t realize the  healing properties that each of the ingredients had.



Nature’s best, most amazing antibacterial. Honey has enough potency to kill so many of our everyday bacteria and even a few that are resistant to antibiotics.  This is serious face cleansing.


As a topical application, nutmeg is an anti-inflammatory. Perfect for calming down the flare ups.


Cinnamon amongst other things is a stimulant and getting the blood flowing is what all faces need. In this treatment it also works as an excellent exfoliant.


Chamomile is instilled with healing, anti-oxidant, cleansing and moisturizing properties and also accelerate the healing process. Regular use will sooth skin, help acne and breakouts and render a healthy glow.

Green Tea Extract:

Green tea extract helps to protect skin from the damaging effects of the sun, will help tone skin, reduce redness and prevent wrinkles.

Giving the product a 2 week try , using it both in the morning and at night as a cleanser. I used approximately  1 tsp. of scrub and applied it to my forehead and cheeks with my fingertips than wet my fingertips and rubbed lightly in gentle circular motions until evenly applied. After, I rinsed my face thoroughly with warm water ( it is sticky but well worth the effort).. As the water dries, you may experience a slight tightening sensation. I then moisturized as per my normal routine.

And the results are….

The first noticeable difference was the texture of my skin, so much smother and the actual skin tone itself was much better. Being prone to adult acne the reduction in white and blackheads left me stunned and very happy! The last change I didn’t notice myself too much and I am putting this down to seeing my own face daily…was the glow I had acquired. This was actually commented on by two separate people who had no idea that I was using this new cleanser….they do now:)

I am going to continue to use this cleanser just because I love how it leaves my skin feeling. It’s rare for my face to have such a glow and the smoothness is amazing. I am hoping that the more I use it, the more I’ll notice a change in the acne I’ve been having.

Before you guys try this at home, let me be clear that I am in no way a skin professional. Everything in this post is my opinion, and what works for me, may not work for you! If you have sensitive skin and are nervous about applying this to your entire face, then I would suggest that you put the cleanser on an area of sensitive skin, like the inside of your wrist, to see how you react to the ingredients.

If you try this cleanser, I want to know how you liked it!



Faces Living North of 7: I am helping my friend with their depression

“We both suffer from depression. He has had a really miserable 10 years. He decided he wanted to sell his house and asked if I would come and clean for him.  So I started to clean his house…he had no money so he paid me in art work, beautiful, incredible art work.  I have seen more progress in one year then in ten.”

Bancroft Faces North of 7

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Urban Girl: Mayor Jenkins “Forded” at Bridge St. Grand Opening

As I walked home I was chuckling to myself as Mayor Bernice Jenkins had just been “Forded” by an older adult regarding what was going to happen to our public transit system the TROUT. I have to give it to the Mayor Jenkins as she responded eloquently and appeased the community member.

The question still remain to what exactly is going to happen to our very unique public transit system.

But to the real reason we were there, the grand opening of our new bridge. I for one am ecstatic that it was completed on time as Station Hill was getting to be a pain…literally. Being a walker that shops daily for supplies … going the long way home was becoming a pet peeve.

Mayor Jenkins opened the ceremony thanking the contractor, and the Engineering Firm ,Project Manager, Town Staff and the Manager of Public Works…yes kudos all around.

Even though the bridge was closed new ideas came from it. Bancroft now has a defined “Theatre District” thanks to the hard work and creativity of Barb Shaw. Barb had been hired as the Event Co-ordinator that pulled together different weekend events to keep the customer traffic flowing in the area.

All said and done…great job by some very great individuals that came together to keep our community growing.

My own shout out to our community media who do the “real” reporting…Hughie, Louie and Dewey ( said with the greatest respect).

Urban Girl xoxo