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Bancroft, one of the most beautiful and most talented areas!

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Faces Living North of 7: The Family Buisness

“The business has been owned by my family for 72 years and I have been back here for 23 years.”

“Why did you leave?”

“I went away to school and play hockey.”

“Why did you come back?”

“The short reason, I moved back for the quality of life.”

Faces Living North of &

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All these pretty signs are pointing to an election!

voteAll these pretty signs are pointing to an election!

I think elections should be treated like job interviews. If I were interviewing a candidate for a potential spot on my municipal council I would likely ask the following questions.

Please tell me about the moment when you decided to run for council?

So far, any regrets with throwing your name into the competition?

Let’s cover some broad themes.

  1. Quality of life:

What will you do to keep this part of the world liveable?

How will you make this a place that can sustain jobs?

How can you make this a place that can support the needs of an aging community?

How will you balance the needs of tourists with the needs of seasonal residents?

  1. Policing:

If we have no say in how much we pay for policing will you at least advocate for the kind of policing we might want? Things like trail patrols and foot patrols?

Will you advocate for officers to get out from behind the tinted windows and walk through our communities, building trust and relationships?

(admittedly this is a leading question)

  1. Communications:

How will you communicate with your constituents?

How will you encourage more input and community engagement?

What do you think about social media? Do you think you should always be professional in what you publish – even when you’re not in a council meeting? Read more

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Looking for a Private Cottage?

Price: $268,000
Address: 91 Carfrae Lake Lane
Neighbourhood:Faraday Ontario
Agent: Emma Kearns & Ray Krupa, Century 21 – All Seasons Realty., Brokerage

Carfrae Lake – Extremely Private 3 bedroom spacious Cottage built-in 2005/6. This Very well maintained cottage features open concept with cathedral ceilings, 3 pc bath, drilled well, wood stove, awesome swimming on this limestone base deep clean shoreline on well treed lot. Carfrae Lake is a peaceful (no motor) lake and conveniently located approx 15 minutes south of Bancroft. Ideal Cottage property for a buyer looking for good swimming and a small quite lake.

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Hastings County Member Municipalities Offical Candidate Lists

Hastings County is made up of 14 member municipalities and for ease I created the list of all members certified lists of candidates in your municipality, just click on the link. As this is a work in progress, we have tried to locate all municipalities and as soon as we can we will have the complete list (we saved you the headache 🙂


Town of Bancroftcountyofhastings

Township of Carlow Mayo

Municipality of Centre Hastings

Town of Deseronto

Township of Faraday

Hastings Highlands

Township of Limerick

Township of Madoc

Municipality of Marmora & Lake

Township of Stirling Rawdon

Township of Tudor and Cashel

Municipality of Tweed

Township of Tyendinaga 

Township of Wollaston

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Faces North of 7: All in a days work

Bancroft Town Employee“I have been a town employee for past ten years full-time. I started out as casual labour and now the Manager of Public works and I certainly love every challenge every day.”

“How many challenges do you get in a day?”

Laughing as he says “it depends on the day. Some days I start my day at 8 in the morning to start that days work and I start that days work at 4 in the afternoon as something is always cropping up and it poses challenges and we are trying to promote development in Bancroft and there are lots of hurdles to cross there.”

“I was born and raised here and I want to retire here and I want to see this community the best it can be.”

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Foodland and Schneider’s sponsor hotdogs for Hospice

In four hours on July 26 Bancroft Foodland and Schneider’s helped raise $859 for Hospice North Hastings by selling hotdogs from the Schneider’s truck. Hospice Coordinator Heather Brough and volunteer Bev Rollins were at the BBQ and thrilled by the support.

In four hours on July 26 Bancroft Foodland and Schneider’s helped raise $859 for Hospice North Hastings by selling hotdogs from the Schneider’s truck. Hospice Coordinator Heather Brough and volunteer Bev Rollins were at the BBQ and thrilled by the support.

Bancroft loves Schneider’s hotdogs. In four hours a small BBQ truck from Schneider’s sold a ton of hotdogs for Hospice North Hastings and Hospice coordinator Heather Brough is thrilled with the results.

“We were overwhelmed by the support from all of the shoppers who came by to grab a bite and talk about our programs and services,” said Brough. “We also go to chat with cottagers who were amazed that North Hastings has its own residential hospice.”

The fundraiser was generously organized by new Bancroft Foodland owners Carole and Joe Favot.

The couple moved to Bancroft from Kirkland Lake and have been keeping busy since taking over the 24-hour grocery store on June 8.

“We love it here,” said Carole Favot. “This town is awesome and we’re just happy we could help Hospice North Hastings.”

And with Schneider’s, Bancroft Foodland, Heather Brough and Hospice North Hastings volunteer Bev Rollins selling hotdogs in the busy Foodland parking lot on Saturday July 26, the results were outstanding.

In four hours a staggering $859 was raised.

“We are thrilled,” Brough said after the BBQ. “This was a great event and we thank everyone that was involved.”


For additional details:

Barbara Shaw

Plan B Communications Consulting



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Faces Living North of 7: What was the hardest thing going from urban to rural?

“What was the hardest thing going from urban to rural?”

“The hardest part was not having anyone to look after all our animals while our family wanted or needed to go anywhere. So I made my own business that would do that for people. Solved getting a job, meeting people and also hiring staff. Farm Assist rules”

faces living north of 7 v2

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Faces North of 7: Why did you come back?

“Why did you come back?”
“I came back to build a career in my field in my hometown, and to share my experiences and knowledge of food. Also to spend time with my father and reconnect as he got older. I wanted to be close enough to deal with any emergencies and if a situation arose. But mostly I love this town and really could not appreciate it until I had lived abroad and realized that this was always my home.”
Living North of 7, Bancroft

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Faces of 7: Why are you here?

Being a huge fan of Humans of New York I decided that I want to showcase not only businesses here North of 7 but also the people. We are here for one reason or another and our lives are pretty damn good.


“Why are you here?”

“I followed my heart.”


Living North of 7