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Bancroft, one of the most beautiful and most talented areas!

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Urban Girl: Could this be a sign of commitment?


Before you all start going down the wrong path … it’s not about a relationship. Well, not one with another human but with a community.

After living here for almost 2 years, I finally took the plunge last week and went to get my own mailbox. That’s right, a mailbox … to you all that might not be a big step but to me it is ( you can start chuckling here).

It took about 45 mins at the Post Office to get it and I am thinking is this an omen….should I really be doing this as the sweat broke out on my forehead.

Being the first one in line, people started to line up behind and I thought to myself here we go and waited for the grumbling to begin. Anyone that knows me, knows I am not the most patient person and I was imposing my feelings at the moment on others.

What happened? What happened is a mini social with the other people in line. Conversations, laughter and yes a few jokes about the post office ( the post office was actually short-staffed that day). The people that day took the positive approach and the time was passed quickly and I left with a big smile upon my face.

By taking the social approach … the people in my community again reinforced why I am choosing to live here. You can only imagine if  this was in Toronto, Manhattan it would have been a very different group feeling.

Living, learning and loving North of 7.


Urban Girl




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Living North of 7 – this week

bancroft1And what a week it has been! Finally moved into the town of Bancroft and luckily there has been no repeat of getting skunked… as that really started the week off with a bad smell, ha!

It was a week of firsts for me, first week of volunteering at Foot Fix where I cover the desk. Needless to say there was more to learn than I expected with the different programs that they offer like the Smile and VON programs. The clients are great with a quick smile and always ready for a chat as they wait for their appointment. Connie Ingram, who is the manager there is an absolute treat to work with and we have an absolute blast. Take this week for example as she withheld chocolate from me until I raised $50.00 ( I had an hour) for their Restore the Roof Campaign, which I did I might add with the help from this great community.

A shout out to the Rural Roots Cafe, Dave Rattle, Jennifer McGee, Don Koppin and there was a few more online but I have yet to receive that information. Thank you again to you all for supporting Community Care North Hastings campaign.

Another first was going out to dinner with friends and not having to plan around my taking the TROUT into town or a neighbor. The night was filled with laughter and fun although there was some serious  discussion around the equality controversy that has hit our town but then I think quite a few were having that same discussion.

The TROUT also has made the news as John Keith will be presenting at the Ontario East Municipal Conference . John will be speaking on the benefits and barriers of rural public transit and I for one know the benefits as I was a frequent user of the TROUT while out in McArthur’s Mills. Good luck John and hope to see the presentation you present on your Manager’s Musings blog.

One event that I sadly wasn’t able to attend was the Opening of ‘Fresh Paint’… works by Cheryl Ellenberger which was sponsored by Ross and Olwen Therrien. Despite having missed the opening I am still going to pop into the Bancroft Art Gallery as her work is being displayed till Septemeber 29th.

If anyone was at the reception, please let me know by responding in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Looking forward to what the next week will bring as I continue to build my own life Living North of 7.